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NGC 5367 and CG12 | Bernes 146 | Cometary globule in Centaurus

his image shows two prominent celestial features: the reflection nebula NGC5367 and the cometary globule CG12. NGC5367 is characterised by its faint but discernible glow, a product of starlight reflected off its gas and dust.

Its blue hues are interspersed with darker dust lanes, offering a layered view into this reflection nebula.In contrast, CG12 appears as a dense, dark mass against the stellar backdrop. Its tail-like feature, reminiscent of a comet’s tail, extends into the surrounding space.

I captured this image from a bortle 2 site with only 5h integration as I have been battling with clouds for months and simply unable to capture more data on this target. At least I photographed it during the new moon with the target near the zenith so the data was good and allowed me to process and publish the result.

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