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After beginning my studies in Physics at the Université de la Reunion, I earned a Bachelor Degree Honours in Recording Arts from Middlesex University UK and the SAE Institute Australia.

In the past decade, I’ve taken my industry knowledge into the classroom, taking up a significant role as the Program Coordinator of Audio Production at Collarts. Here, I utilise my mastery in Advanced Audio Post Production, Surround Sound Mixing, Dolby Atmos, and Music Production to inspire the next wave of audio professionals. Embracing the digital age, I’ve been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge e-learning and remote learning strategies, including the development of teaching techniques and frameworks for immersive surround sound mixing online using binaural streaming for Dolby Atmos.

My dedication to education also led me to lecturing roles at the Australian Institute of Music and the Abbey Road Institute, where I imparted my industry experience through masterclasses in music production and engineering. With this blend of industry experience and a passion for teaching, I continuously strive to inspire and equip the next generation of music and sound professionals.

Student Work

My close relationship with Dolby Institute has brought some great opportunities to Collarts students. In particular I have pitched the idea for a Sound Design competition to Dolby which kindly accepted the offer. You can find the published article on Dolby institute website and listen to the work of my student, Darcy Knorr who won the event.

Here is the excerpt from the Dolby site”

“Dolby partnered with Collarts to put together a competition that allowed their audio post-production students the chance to completely redesign an existing Dolby Atmos trailer. Participating students were provided with a copy of Nature’s Fury in a ProTools session and given the original, unmixed audio assets to work with. There were lots of impressive submissions, but Darcy Knorr’s audio reworking of the trailer stood out as the best of the bunch. Darcy was awarded a free license for the Dolby Atmos Production Suite for all his hard work.”

And here another one of my students feature on the Dolby Website. Bridgette did an amazing job sound designing, mixing and even writing the music for this beautiful video that was kindly kindly provided by Dominic Hook for my student to practice their Dolby Atmos skills.