Astrophotography Processing Workshop

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I have had a lot of request about making available one-on-one processing workshops of how I currently process my images. So this is it! If you like my images and you are looking to enhance your skills and refine your technique, this workshop is for you.

Conducted via Zoom, I guide you through the essential tools and techniques I’m currently using to process my images.

During the session, we will focus on using PixInsight and Photoshop, two essential software applications for astrophotography processing and I used both of them extensively in my processing workflow. I highly recommend you have both piece if software with some basic experience of the tools before you book a session with me.

The following are also payed plug ins I use and highly recommended to have: BlurXterminator, StarXterminator, NoiseXterminator, and GradXpert (Free).

What’s Included:

  • Personalised, one-on-one instruction via Zoom.
  • A session tailored to your experience level and goals.
  • A recording of the session in 1440p resolution, so you can revisit the workshop anytime.


  • A minimum booking of two hours ($240 AUD) is required for the first session.
  • Photoshop and PixInsight installed on your computer.
  • (Highly Recommended) BlurXterminator, StarXterminator, NoiseXterminator, and GradXpert plugins installed.
  • Zoom installed on your computer

After purchasing your session: You will receive an email with your order that will contain a link to a PDF that contains links to book your appointment time, a questionnaire to fill out, which will help me tailor the session to your needs and experience level.¬† If there are no time suitable in the google calendar for you please contact [email protected] so we can arrange a time that is mutually suitable.

Upload your data for the session: On that PDF you will also receive a Dropbox File Request link to upload your Stacked data of all your filters. These must be calibrated and stacked with no pre processing applied FITS XISF or TIFF files.

I always prefer working on your data as it gives us a realistic framework for you to work within. However if your data is not in a workable state or you want to work on one of my images I’m happy to share my raw datasets for an additional fee of $AUD60.

Additional information

Data type

I will provide my RAW Data for the session, I need RAW data provided for the session

Session Time

1h (repeat session only), 2h (minimum booking for the first session, 3h, 4h