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Jul 14 2016


Steeve works together with agency JimJam, production company Drum Creation and Director Gemma Lee on the latest Tasmania Tourism GO BEHING THE SCENERY campaign for Spring 2016.

Here is the extract from press release


Tourism Tasmania’s eighth Go Behind the Scenery brand campaign commences in Melbourne, Sydney and south-east Queensland on 10 July and runs until 27 August 2016.

The seven-week campaign is launching earlier than the traditional mid-August in order to generate travel to the state between September and November, as well as build intention to visit over summer.

The campaign continues the successful use of storytelling by people who operate experiences behind the scenery. Enriching and sometimes quirky storytelling by locals are a central element of the campaign, showing potential visitors there’s more to Tasmania than they know.

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Tourism Tasmania is investing nearly $2.7 million in media advertising in Melbourne, Sydney and south-east Queensland for the seven-week promotion. This includes television, print, outdoor and digital advertising. With over 79,000 video views last campaign, this latest campaign will focus on video delivered through television, digital and outdoor advertising.

This investment does not include Tourism Tasmania’s additional spending on cooperative marketing programs with travel and air partners including Qantas, Helloworld, Escape Travel and Expedia. It also excludes the investment made by the travel and air partners themselves to promote Tasmania and generate sales.

Also not included is Tourism Tasmania’s investment in production, additional public relations, trade marketing, visiting journalist program, and international and sector marketing activities conducted throughout the campaign.


Local Tasmanians are again central to the campaign providing behind the scenery experiences through their eyes. The campaign introduces the locals through television, print, outdoor and digital advertising and encourages consumers to visit the campaign microsite for more viewing and information.

The campaign will also encourage touring in Tasmania with a focus on food and wine, walking and heritage, and art and cultural experiences. Also highlighted is the proximity of these experiences and the people who offer them.


Enriching storytelling by local people is central to the campaign. Tourism Tasmania captured the stories that take the consumer behind the scenery on video and then embodied them in print and digital advertisements that encourage people to visit the campaign microsite for the full story.

The TV commercial (TVC) is a compilation of clips from these stories. The thirty-second TVC will screen on free-to-air channels Seven, Ten and SBS in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and subscription television (Foxtel) from 10 July to 21 August 2016.

Tourism Tasmania has optimised the microsite following learnings from the previous campaign that saw a record-breaking number of visitors to the site.

The microsite includes a library of previously produced video content on other Tasmanian experiences and an Insider’s Guide with blog style content from those who have already visited Tasmania. Social media feeds are also found within the site along with itineraries and travel packages to buy through the campaign’s retail travel partner – The Flight Centre Group.

A Flight Centre widget, introduced in the last campaign, will allow the ability to book both flights and accommodation directly through the microsite. The widget exceeded all expectations last time and will, with some changes, be even more user friendly in this new campaign.


Tourism Tasmania’s domestic marketing targets a core group of people who we’ve identified as the most likely to visit the state. What they have in common is an interest in exploring and learning more about themselves and the world in which they live.

By nature, they have a propensity to keep learning and a positive outlook on life. They mainly live in metropolitan areas on Australia’s eastern seaboard and when they go on holidays they prefer less crowded, more interesting places. Their reasons for taking a holiday are to discover and understand new people and places (go exploring) or to escape and spend time together and create new memories. This group also fell into two age brackets: aged 40+ couples seeking a touring experience and aged 25-39 couples wanting a short break.

Tracking and monitoring

Tourism Tasmania will again monitor, measure and evaluate the performance of this Go Behind the Scenery campaign. This will include tracking the behaviour, characteristics and views of Australian travellers through the Tourism Info Monitor, and ascertaining how appealing Tasmania is as a destination, as well as the percentage of people who are intending to visit the state.

Tourism Tasmania will also trial a new research technique to track exposure to television, digital and out-of-home advertising, while continuing to measure the campaign’s impact on the target audience through specific campaign tracking research. Tourism Tasmania will also monitor advertising reach, web traffic, itinerary downloads and travel partner sales during the life of the campaign.

More information

For more on the campaign, including the locals and their stories in the campaign, see the Behind the Scenery Spring 2016 fact sheet [PDF 4MB]



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